(1/3) The I3LUNG European project has officially started!

August, 3 2022 - 2 min read

I3LUNG is a collaborative, 5-year, 10M€ EU-funded project aiming to create an artificial intelligence (AI)-based personalized decision-making tool to aid both clinicians and patients in selecting the best lung cancer treatment plan.

The consortium behind this project comprises 16 international partners, recognized companies and institutions located worldwide, whose miscellaneous expertise in clinical trial, molecular analysis, biology, AI, psychology, ethical and business will permit the realization of this ambitious project.

The partners will collaborate on different steps for the generation of a patient avatar, able to predict progression and outcome of each individual patients, accomplished through the following:

  • By supporting the physicians’ decision-making process by creating an AI-based Physician Decision Support System (PDSS) to provide an easy and ready-to-use access to predictive models, increasing care appropriateness, reducing the negative impacts of prolonged and toxic treatments.
  • Facilitating important healthcare costs offsets by selecting the best personalized treatment.
  • Empowering patients with an Individualized Patient Decision Aid System (IPDAS) for co-decision and reinforces research with a Data Imputation and Retrieval System (DIRS) to make securely available the data gathered during the project.



Following contract signature, the 16 partners met for a kick-off meeting on July 1 and 2 in Milan, in order to know each other face-to-face and organize the next steps and upcoming milestones of the project. This two-days intensive session was part of the project initiation phase, that brought together all the interdisciplinary teams involved to share information, align objectives and get to know each other.

Leading persons of each work package (WP) introduced their research centres, project teams, role, and responsibilities, as well as the individual and common project goals and objectives.

Let’s read in the next article how July 1st and 2nd went in details!

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