(3/3) The I3LUNG European project has officially started!

August, 5 2022 - 2 min read

After the summary done for the first day of the kick-off, let’s dive into the second and last day of the event!


Saturday, July 2nd

On the second day of the kick-off meeting the rest of the WPs were presented. The morning started with the description about the creation of the AI integrative I3LUNG platform (WP8, Integrative Platform Construction). This interface will be designed and developed to make the data in the platform available to physicians, patients and researchers. James Dolezal (University of Chicago) and Alessandro Nuara (ML Cube) have been exposing their expertise in this first morning session.

The day continued with the Economic Impact Assessment and the Ethical, Privacy and Data Protection of WP9 (Economic Impact Assessment). The objective is to analyze the socio-economic impact of I3LUNG technology and construct a user-friendly model that captures the short-term affordability and long-run cost-effectiveness. Also, the legal and ethical implication of the I³LUNG platform will be evaluated, with a particular focus on EU data protection and privacy legislation, ethics and regulations applied to AI technologies, clinical trials legislation and the medical devices legislation. Michael Willis from Swedish Institute for Health Economics and Ana Maria Correa from KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) were the leading speaker of this session. KUL is also leading partners of WP2 (Ethical, Privacy, and Data Protection).

The final session focused on the last WP10 (Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation). Natacha Bonnet explained how MEDSIR will promote, circulate, and integrate all relevant aspects and findings from the project to the scientific and non-scientific communities. This will include participation in scientific meetings, publications on specialized scientific and technical peer-review journals, attendance to trade fairs/exhibitions, direct engagement with I³LUNG platform users, synergies with other organizations for collaborations and knowledge transfer. Another team from Italy will be in charge of the marketing and business, covering IP agreement, a market study analysis and the development of a business plan.

Finally, the I³LUNG kick-off meeting was wrapped up with a description regarding the Project Management Guidelines, a talk explaining the Next Steps by Arsela Prelaj and a final presentation about the Executive Board members.


From now on, a yearly event will be held to analyze the progression made. Feel free to reach out to the people involved to know better about the I3LUNG!

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